Please Note: The information below provides a brief overview of an area of cover within our policies. All our policy benefits are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Please refer to the policy wording for full details which can be downloaded under 'Key Information' below.

Please note: If you are admitted into hospital as an inpatient for more than 24 hours someone must contact the Medical Emergency Assistance Company on your behalf as soon as reasonably possible (please see the Medical and other emergencies section on page 10 of the policy wording for further details).

We will pay up to the amount shown in the table of benefits for the necessary and reasonable costs as a result of you becoming ill, being injured or dying during your trip. This includes:

  1. Emergency medical, surgical and hospital treatment and ambulance costs.
  2. Emergency dental treatment as long as it is for the immediate relief of pain only (please see the table of benefits for details of the sum you are entitled to claim).
  3. The cost of your return to the United Kingdom earlier than planned if approved by the Medical Emergency Assistance Company and this is deemed to be a medical necessity.
  4. If you cannot return to the United Kingdom as you originally planned and the Medical Emergency Assistance Company agrees your extended stay is medically necessary, we will pay for:
    • Extra accommodation (room only) and travel expenses (economy class unless a higher grade of travel is confirmed as medically necessary and authorised by the Medical Emergency Assistance Company) to allow you to return to the United Kingdom; and
    • Extra accommodation (room only) for someone to stay with you and travel home with you if this is necessary due to medical advice; or
    • Reasonable expenses for one relative or friend to travel from the United Kingdom to stay with you (room only) and travel home with you if this is necessary due to medical advice.
  5. Up to £5,000 for the cost of returning your body or ashes to the United Kingdom or up to £2,000 for the cost of the funeral and burial expenses in the country in which you die if this is outside the United Kingdom.
  6. Residents of the Channel Islands only. Emergency medical, surgical and hospital treatment costs or expenses levied by an NHS run medical facility whilst travelling within the United Kingdom (excluding travel within the Channel Islands) which are not covered by any provision of emergency medical treatment agreements between the Channel Islands and United Kingdom's national health services.

Please note: In the event of your injury or illness we reserve the right to relocate you from one hospital to another and/or arrange for your repatriation to the United Kingdom at any time during the trip. We will do this if in the opinion of the doctor in attendance or the Medical Emergency Assistance Company you can be moved safely and/or travel safely to the United Kingdom to continue treatment.

If the claim relates to your return travel to the United Kingdom and you do not hold a return ticket, we will deduct from your claim an amount equal to your original carrier's published one way airfare (based on the same class of travel as that paid by you for your outward trip) for the route used for your return.

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