The tips and advice below represent the official guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please note this is provided for information only. We do not cover travel to any country to which the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have advised against all (but essential) travel, you can view this list here

26 Sep 2022
Information about Hurricane Ian reaching the Florida coast ('Summary' page)

Removal of information on the air traffic control strike in West Africa ('Summary' page).

Addition of information about Russian declaration of a “partial” mobilisation of Russian citizens to join the military forces ('Summary' page).

Removal of reference to the regional air traffic control strike in West Africa ('Summary' page).

Hong Kong
Updated information on hotel quarantine being no longer needed to enter (Entry requirements page).

Addition of information on Typhoon Noru, forecast to make landfall in the central region of Vietnam 27-28 September ('Summary' page).

Updated Information on previous terrorist incidents in Bahrain (‘ ’Terrorism’ page).

Cayman Islands
Updated information on Hurricane Ian (‘Summary’ and ‘Natural disasters’ pages).

Addition of information on ensuring travel documentation including passports and visas are correct and up-to-date and on LGBT+ rights in Lebanon ( ‘Safety and security’ and ‘Local laws and customs’ pages).

Further updated information about Ebola ('Summary' and 'Health' pages).

25 Sep 2022
Updated information on Tropical Storm Ian (which is expected to be declared a Hurricane in the next 24 hours) expected to reach Cuba on evening of 26 September (See 'Summary' and 'Natural disasters' pages)

Information on Super Typhoon Karding (Noru)

23 Sep 2022
Updated information on COVID-19 entry requirements for Tanzania ; Ebola outbreaks in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda (‘Health’ and ‘Entry requirements’ page).

Updated information on the use of masks in mainland Portugal ('Coronavirus' page).

Addition of information that Environment Canada forecast that Tropical Cyclone Fiona will impact Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec from early Saturday 24 September 2022 ('Summary' and 'Natural disasters' pages).

Addition of information about Nicaragua’s ban on the import, export and use of electronic smoking devices ('Summary' and 'Local laws and customs' pages).

Updated information on Coronavirus restrictions ('Coronavirus' page).

22 Sep 2022
Updated information on COVID-19 entry requirements ('Summary' and 'Entry Requirements' pages).

Updated information on the use of face masks in public spaces and services ('Coronavirus' page).

Marshall Islands
New information on the reopening of the international border on 8 September 2022 and International airlines have resumed flights between Kwajalein and Majuro ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages).