The tips and advice below represent the official guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please note this is provided for information only. We do not cover travel to any country to which the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have advised against all (but essential) travel, you can view this list here

30 Jul 2021
Updated information on restrictive measures for cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and sporting events (‘Coronavirus' page)

New information on entry rules in response to coronavirus (‘Entry requirements’ page)

Update to entry rules in response to coronavirus ('Entry requirements' page)

Information on further easing of lockdown measures from 1 August (‘Coronavirus’ page)

New information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you live in Fiji. Updated information on local restrictions and 'Special flights' operated by Fiji Airways (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Updated to reflect a change in the date for when the new ‘health pass’ will be required for domestic venues, hospitality and services ('Summary' and 'Coronavirus' pages).

Update to information on testing positive for COVID-19 ('Coronavirus' page)

Update to information on entry rules for individuals who can prove recovery from COVID-19 ('Entry requirements' page)

Update to information on testing positive for Coronavirus ('Coronavirus' page)

Updated information on entry requirements for fully vaccinated and non-fully vaccinated travellers ('Entry requirements' page)

Updates to “Coronavirus” and “Entry requirements” sections.

Update to information on entry requirements for travel to Belarus (‘Entry requirements’ page)

Antigua and Barbuda
Updated information on available vaccines in Antigua and Barbuda and demonstrating vaccination status (‘Coronavirus’ and 'Entry requirements' pages). Removal of reference to beaches closing on public holidays

Update to information on demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status for entry to Malta ('Entry requirements' page)

Update to reflect that travellers returning to Andorra from the UK are no longer required to enter Andorra on private transport only (‘Entry requirements’ page)

Update to information and advice on entering quarantine while in Spain (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Hong Kong
Information about the new Immigration (Amendment) Bill in force from 1 August (‘Safety and Security’ page)

Update to information on COVID-19 restrictions in Kenya (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Addition of information and advice on what to do if you test positive for COVID-19 in Lebanon ('Coronavirus' page)

The Occupied Palestinian Territories
Update to information on entry rules as the UK has been added to Israel’s list of countries with the highest risk of COVID-19 ('Entry requirements' page).