The tips and advice below represent the official guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please note this is provided for information only. We do not cover travel to any country to which the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have advised against all (but essential) travel, you can view this list here

11 May 2021
Addition of information on transit countries from Afghanistan which are on the UK COVID-19 Red list and require hotel quarantine ("Summary" page).

Removal of information on the curfew, following the end of the nationwide curfew in Kuwait on 12 May (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Updated information on restrictions for sit-down meals at restaurants ('Coronavirus' page) and additional information on entry and quarantine requirements for Zimbabwe; there are no testing facilities on arrival ('Entry requirements' page)

Updated information on Eswatini's COVID-19 restrictions for public places and services; the maximum number of people permitted at an outdoor entertainment event has increased ('Coronavirus' page)

Updated information on the easing of Belgium's coronavirus measures; from 8 May restaurant, café and bar terraces can open, outdoor events can take place with max 50 people and households can receive two people indoors from the same household ('Coronavirus' page)

Sierra Leone
Updated information on entry and testing requirements for Sierra Leone; new information for arrivals from India, Turkey, Brazil and Argentina ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' page)

New information on Malaysia's nationwide movement restrictions (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Updated information on testing requirements for those travelling to the Netherlands ('Entry requirements' page)

Updated information on entry requirements to Oman for travellers from the UK ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

New information on Cyprus' COVID-19 measures for public places and services and on Cyprus' current judicial processing delays ('Coronavirus' and 'Local laws and customs' pages). Updated information on the length of quarantine for those travelling to the north of Cyprus, if you have been in the UK within 14 days before your travel to Cyprus ('Entry requirements' page)

New information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you are a foreign national resident in Hungary, including UK nationals ('Coronavirus' page)

Updated information on entry requirements for entry to Singapore; all visitors must be granted permission to enter Singapore by the Singapore government and if granted permission to enter, you will be issued Stay at Home Notice (SHN) for at least 21 days ('Entry requirements' page)

Review of information on entry restrictions for people who have been in the UK or South Africa within 15 days of their arrival into Panama ('Entry requirements' page)

This advice has been reviewed in full and re-published with a small amendment

Updated information on closure of borders to incoming passengers, the easing of restrictions on outdoors exercise, up to 12 persons allowed to gather inside and information on UK emergency travel documents (‘Summary’, 'Coronavirus' and ‘Safety and security ’pages)

Updated information on entry requirements to the Philippines (‘Summary’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

10 May 2021
Updated information on access to the COVID-19 vaccine. ('Coronavirus' page)

The Occupied Palestinian Territories
Updated information following a rocket attack in Israel on 10 May ('Summary' page)

Updated information following a rocket attack in Israel on 10 May ('Summary' page)

Curfew in Rivers State extended from 11 May, and now in effect from 7pm to 6am daily (‘Summary’ and ‘Safety and Security’ pages)